Determine How to Find A Cost-Effective Search Engine Optimization Consultant Near You

Determine a Cost-Effective Search Engine Optimization Consultant Near You

Search engine optimization is understood as the technical optimization of your website, unique resource locations, or files so it can resonate with companies such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing. Your product or service gains permanent exposure in front of your potential customers by ranking #1 for your desired terms. We advise you to acknowledge that search engine marketing is the most cost-effective return on investment due to our past success. Proven studies from at allows us to better understand the statistics and gross revenue of strategic search engine optimization so feel free to check it out whenever you get a chance. #1 keyword search volumes per month ensure your business will receive the attention it deserves given that your conversion methods such as congruent website design, ease to locate call/entry forms, trust with gatekeeper abilities to close calls, and appointment to sales percentages calculations all come into play with determining gross revenue per month.

What is SEO ROI?

Predicted Gross Revenue per Month, also known as Organic Conversions per Month:

The SEO ROI is determined with the following formula: (value of predicted gross revenue per month or year – SEO investments per month or year) – cost of SEO investments per month or year.

(X – Y) / Y = SEO ROI.

First off, we need to determine how to calculate search engine optimization return on investments. To determine this is you must understand the value of your organic conversions per month, also known as gross predicted sales revenue per keyword per month/year. Let’s call this variable the X variable, for hypothetical terms. Learn more…

Keywords bring in an average amount of traffic per month per keyword term. You are a heart surgeon in Detroit who wants to target, “best heart surgeon in the Detroit area” that hits an average search volume of 400 searches per month. These 400 average searches per month do not mean that 400 folks will call your business per month. We conclude that your business will accumulate into 160 clicks per month. The 160 clicks come from multiplying 400 by .4 or understanding that 2/5 of folks will click your site if it is on top of the SERPs.

Those 160 clicks can be converted into a Site Conversion of 5% known as Website to Calls because it is safe to determine 5% of folks will call or fill out an entry form on your website. 5% of 160 = 8.0 folks per month that call your business per month with organic SEO.

Next, we need to understand Calls to Conversions as 50% because if your phone answer/gatekeeper can close half of your calls then we’re in a safe understanding of building this formula. This means 4.0 folks per month are being converted per month given every link is strong during this conversion process.

Lastly, we determine Appointment Conversions as 33% multiplied by the 4.0 folks equal to your permanent sales also known as 1/3 times Calls to Conversions. This Appointments to Sales equals the predicated gross sales revenue per month.

Predicted Gross Sales Revenue can be understood as multiplying Client Customer Value times Appointments to Sales percentage per keyword per month. In this case study, the keyword of 400 monthly searches brings in a gross predicted sales revenue of $33,000 per month by being #1 for the desired term if the lifetime customer value is $25,000.

Cost of SEO Investments:

Efforts to rank for keywords on Google involve time for an SEO to work on your on-page website, build off-page links, and other involvements such as accumulation of Web 2.0 properties from social signals, blog commenting, and the heist your competitors links. Time is a cost. We add this with the cost of your SEO investments in terms of hours per month to build your traffic. Next, SEO tools such as site explorer like AHREFS, rank tracking like ProRankTracker, reporting systems, call tracking like CallTrackerPro, and project management systems such as BaseCamp help with transparency, competence, and proof elements. Lastly, assets like incoming links acquisition cost and maintenance per year comes into play. We need to host these individual links and that adds up too. We track this as the Y variable or the cost per month/year to maintain internet traffic rankings on search engines.

($33,000/month – hypothetical $1,200/month) / $1,200 = $26.5 SEO ROI

We have constructed the perfect formula for search engine optimization success. It is up to you determine which SEO consultant is good for you. In other words, we recommend Jonathan Elijah Bowers @ because his practices have proven success for clients time after time.

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